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Juliana Del Burgo

United States

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Stick to yours


100 x 70cm

4500,00 €

Juliana Del Burgo, artistically known as ‘Burgo’, was born in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal. 

With ancestry that can be traced to almost all continents (Brasilian, Polish, Italian, Morrocan, Swiss, Egyptian, Mozambican, and Japanese), Burgo has a bold vision and is intent on making a difference.

The six senses inspire her with an uplifting twist that characterizes her unique vision. Juliana seeks exposure to alternative methods, techniques and ideas throughout her travels that connect to her spiritual and physical roots.

Burgo studied art at the Fine Arts University in Lisbon and was also the apprentice of the well-known Russian classic artist, Vladimir Volegov for two years when she was just 16.