To Dream, to Collect


Joseph Beuys

1921 Germany

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Joseph Beuys explored the world context with his pencil. It is not the action artist in the foreground, who experimented with felt and Margerine. His drawings are haunting, almost tender. Already very amazing how authentic Joseph Beuys captured the character of deer and elk, swan, bee and hare. Energetic exchange processes are central topics in his drawings. Behind it was always the question of a "total energy". Beuys asks: What is the big picture? Where can I take it artistically? With aesthetic means Beuys seeks answers to questions that scientists could not give to this day. His drawings are not easy to read. Basically they are high-minded constructs, vivid thinking on paper. Beuys drawings are very popular on the market. About 15,000 drawings have Beuys created. Around 97% are in permanent collections. The market for Beuys drawings is above all a European one. Beuys has its lovers in Germany, England, Ireland and Italy. US collectors shy away from the existential issues. Beuys is too complicated for her. 

Works by Joseph Beuys

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58 x 82 cm



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