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Johnny Abrahams

Tacoma, WA, United States

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60.96 x 101.6cm

4039,33 €

Johnny Abrahams (b. 1979 in Tacoma, WA) lives and works in London. He has shown in the U.S and internationally, and most recently has had solo exhibitions at Jack Hanley Gallery (New York), Vigo Gallery (London), Choi and lager (Seoul and Cologne), Romer and Young (San Francisco) and Sundays (Copenhagen). The artist studied at Evergreen State College and he has been included in several group exhibitions including shows at The Hole (New York) and The Oakland Museum of California.

Using a palette knife, Johnny Abrahams applies thick, layered swaths of elemental color to his canvases with oil and wax. His spare and striking compositions can evoke calligraphic forms and musical arrangements. Abrahams divides his canvases geometrically, imbuing his minimalistic paintings with a sense of order while also allowing room for free-flowing interplay between form and negative space; ideas of magnification, subtraction, and perception are crucial to his practice. With their built-up brushstrokes and reliance on illusion, Abrahams’s canvases can call to mind the experiments of Op art pioneers such Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez.