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Joanna Glazer

Gdansk, Poland

48 Works exhibited on Kooness

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"My work is about emergence. In my art, I convey the sense of courage and difficulty of emergence of our own inner being. It is a universal desire, insofar as we show our talent, our true personality to the world. We are often double people, social and private. I see the beauty in the world. I am inspired by the immense pleasure and sense of discovery resulting from the continuous observation around me. I use photographic materials found in fashion magazines. The images of top models influence me especially with the pose, the gestures or the expressions of the face. In my current paintings, I also explore images of famous people, often artists. For me, these people have discovered courage. My paintings reflect the meaning of beauty, resilience and, despite the difficulties, peace."
Joanna Glazer

She finds her sources in fashion magazines, newspapers, books, art reviews, and advertising. Even a simple image in everyday newspapers may awaken emotion. Joanna Glazer has travelled and lived for long periods in numerous countries: Poland, France, Italy, Japan, USA, Belgium and UK, including Joel Garcia Gallery in Paris, Espace Gaillane Gallery in Avignon, Mis a Nu Gallery and La Marotte Gallery in the south of France, Iceberg Gallery in Antibes (France); the Philharmonic Centre in Koide (Japan) and International University of Japan. She has participated in many Art Fairs and group exhibitions including Affordable Art Fair in London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Fresh Art, selected by an art world panel, Chelsea Art Fair, Art on Art in Tokyo. In addition, she has been selected for the promotional design of the International University of Japan for 2 consecutive years as well as for the flyer of the Affordable Art Fair 2008.

Art Education
Fashion Design in Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (2 years), Paris, France
Master of Art in Conservation and Restoration of Fine Arts (5 years), Torun, Poland

Press Reviews
Itchy 2009
Moneywise 2009
Coxsoft 2008
Art Daily 2008
Affordable Art Fair London Flyer 2008