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Jason Andrew Turner

1982 Birmingham, AL, United States

1 Works exhibited

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Brooklyn, NY

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"My work is an investigation of the rhythm and lifetime of the landscape and portrait. Methodically rendered and reliant on the tool, I fill the frame with dense lines with occasional pops of color. I create obsessive compulsive environments from my own experience, while interlacing imagined stories that are left to the viewer to navigate and attribute their own meaning; as if building a vast space for the participants to exist and form their own story within the created world. I utilize the tool and its reaction with the surface in order to show its weight and influence my hand. In my work there is a visual detachment between the participants in the narrative and the mechanically produced marks. The artworks serve as a mirror for the viewer to slip into an entangled consciousness; a shared mysticism of space and form, ultimately embracing life and death and the experience between the lines."

Jason Andrew Turner was born in 1982 in Birmingham, AL. He previously lived and worked in Philadelphia, PA and is most recently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Works by Jason Andrew Turner

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27.94 x 35.56 cm


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