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Janne Räisänen


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The excessive is the most thrilling of Räisänen's strategies. Rattling such things as modesty, reason and "good" taste is a moral virtue for the artist. Räisänen's tolerance to different ways and styles of working is reminiscent of Sigmund Freud, who is particularly famed for the tolerance of the inner conflicts of his earlier works. Räisänen writes: "One important matter is tolerance towards other people and my own painting. It frees me up to tackle just about everything. You can whip yourself with humour, for instance. You shouldn't take yourself too seriously, either. "Combining oil and washing-up detergent (Fairy) is at the root of Dump Site of Dawn (2006). A combination arising from the cleaning of brushes brought with it an interesting effect of transparency, which the artist utilises in a very unbiased way.

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