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Hamid Fakhoury

Casablanca, Morocco

4 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Yvelines, France

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Works by Hamid Fakhoury

Le vieux (The old man)


20 x 15 x 14cm

550,00 €



25 x 18 x 15cm

550,00 €

Le narquois (The sneerer)


20 x 12 x 11cm

550,00 €

HAMID FAKHOURY or the call to the sacred
Hamid Fakhoury is a mystery. His Instagram profile proclaims it from the start: "No gloss or verbiage, less palaver, dry your tears. Savor the silence. Heaven belongs to everyone".

Impossible to get a C.V. from him, that would be to lock him up, to reduce him, to force him; one of his friends will send it to me. On the contrary, he seeks to blur the boundaries, the limits, to go beyond the forbidden. A practicing Muslim, he has studied in theology the way to practice an art of human representation that is hallal. He affirms it, his heads are free of sin. Perhaps because it is the first man before the fall, the first woman, too?

His heads are raw, in raw clay, sometimes glazed. Sometimes painted, or cast in bronze. At the Coubertin foundry, one of the best today. He models exclusively with his fingers, and despite their colossal appearance, his heads, bordering on brutalism, all fit in his (large) hands. They are Adam, Eve, beyond morality, just drawn from the earth, in a tribute to the Creator God who molded us from clay. They inspire strength, assurance and dignity. A form of stability, a little anxious, as if the density of their being was unknown to them. Their modelling evokes Bourdelle, a kinship which the artist is delighted with, as he admires this great master of monumental sculpture. His models are most often of African type, more rarely Asian. A human type not very frequent in statuary, and often chosen for its "exoticism" in the colonial period. Hamid Fakhoury does not introduce any aesthetic or narrative distance. He enters deeply into his subject, the essence of man. A creature, the work of art of God. The features are sketched out, but each one has a character, an expression of its own, and very strong. He is inspired by real encounters, by what he feels about us, in spite of us. Perhaps he is less a sculptor of heads than a sculptor of souls. After all, he is also an abstract painter, and in his paintings one has the impression of seeing the sky from space: a blue and white planet that is complex and strong, moving and so simply beautiful.

All his work is a silent reflection on the gift of creation that brings us closer to the Creator.

Hamid Fakhoury was born in Casablanca in 1965. He lives and works in La Verrière, in the Yvelines.

Model for haute couture brands in the 80s, which allowed him his high height, his presence and his elegance, he spawned among the people of the world. Pierre and Gilles will make his portrait in 1985, in the series of the Shipwrecked. He discovered painting in the workshops of Chari Goyeneche in his neighborhood house, before taking courses at the Beaux-Arts. He first worked in drawing and watercolor, before moving on to sculpture and painting. Space and the cosmos, creation and the created are his source of inspiration. He worked for a long time for the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation for Youth, but now devotes himself totally to his art. 

Hamid FAKHOURY, painter, engraver and sculptor, born in Casablanca in 1965 lives and works in La Verrière (Yvelines). He was a student at the School of Fine Arts, class of Mr. Ouannès Amor. He is a permanent artist of the Cécile Dufay Gallery since 2022.


1996 : Huiles, Espace Saint-Exupéry, Paris 14e

1999 : Huiles, Carpentras, Chapelle du Collège

2000 : Encres, Espace Saint-Exupéry, Paris 14e

2001 : Galerie Jean Blanchaert, Milan (Italy)

2002 : Dernières peintures, Centre culturel municipal, La Verrière

2003 : Galleria Cosmos, Florence, Italy


1995 : Médiathèque de Nantes : Saint-Exupéry et le désert

2000 : Castello Sforzesco, Italy « Noi come voi »

2002 : Gens d’art et gendarmes, Hôtel national des Invalides, Paris

2004 : Gravures exposées à la Galerie La Hune/Brenner : 14, rue de l’Abbaye, Paris 6e

2005 : Galerie Paul Prouté :76, rue de Seine, Paris 6e

2006 : Galerie Michelle Brouta : 15, rue des Bergers, Paris 15e

           Galerie Baxter : 14, rue du Dragon, Paris 6e 

2007 : Galerie Tiffany : 199,Bd Mohamed V, Marrakech, Morocco
2022 : Manent-Mischler-Fakhoury, Galerie Cécile Dufay, june/july 2022