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Milan, Italy

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Works by Giuse Maggi

Love Not Hate


Sculpture , Mixed Media

13 x 52cm


Forever Series III


Sculpture , Mixed Media

40 x 15cm


Forever Series II


Sculpture , Mixed Media

90 x 108cm


Forever Series


Sculpture , Mixed Media

70 x 75cm


Originally from Milan and raised in Pavia, Giuse Maggi is a multidisciplinary artist who loves to explore different materials and combine them through basketry and textile techniques acquired during her time in Middle Eastern countries.

These techniques are based on intense manual labor; the artist builds objects through a slow process and repetitive gestures in which her innermost thoughts intertwine and take shape. Her tapestries, baskets and sculptures are a challenge to the impossible and represent a personal desire for beauty. Making becomes a spiritual process for her, a ritual that binds her soul to the objects she makes.

In 2013 she began a project to study the recycling of plastics, which led her to elaborate traditional weaving and basketry techniques together with thermofusion processes. The result is realized in a series of plastic fabrics that the artist incorporates into her new creations; from this moment on, both synthetic and natural fibers become predominant in subsequent works.

Her works have been shown in many solo and group exhibitions in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Jordan), the U.S. and Italy.

Currently Giuse Maggi lives and works in Italy in her studio in Pavia.

Solo Exhibition

2022-Green, installation, Bahrain Pavilion, EXPO2020, Dubai
2020-Tappeto Volante, Museo dell’Arte Vetraria Altarese , Altare (SV), Italy
2019-Entity, Arteinteatro, Teatro Sociale Stradella (TESS), Stradella, Italy
2017-Entity, Verona Tessile 2017, Biblioteca Civica, Verona, Italy
2017-Food is Culture 2, Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain
2010-Glass to Art, Bahrain Arts Society, Bahrain
2009-The Colour of Light, Desert Design, KSA
2007-Indimage, Desert Design, Al Khobar, KSA
2007-Orizzonti-Skylines, Art Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain
2004-Giuse Maggi, Al Bareh Art Gallery, Bahrain
2001-Glassmania, Al Khobar, KSA
2000-Glassmania, Al Khobar, KSA
1999-Glassmania, Al Khobar, KSA
1997-Giuse Maggi, Private Gallery of Elena Castillo Riyadh, KSA
1997/94-Glass, Inma Gallery, Al Khobar, KSA

Group Exhibition

2022-Every 1, NBO (National Basketry Organization), MA-USA
2022-Green: from matter to structure, Bahrain Pavilion, EXPO2020 Dubai
2022-The Dilmun Cabinet Of Curiosities: Interwoven Stories, Bahrain Pavilion, EXPO2020 Dubai
2021-Due Identità del Vetro, Hangar Art Studio Pavia, Italy
2020-Members in Print 2, NBO (National Basketry Organization) biennial exhibition, MA-USA
2019-JOBAR, Jodar Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2019-CRAFTed, ArtBAB 2019, Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bahrain
2018-Contemporary Venice 2018, Archivi della Misericordia, Venice, Italy
2018-Destopia at Desert Design, Saudi Design Week, Riyadh, KSA
2018-Calligraphy, Albareh Gallery, Bahrain
2018-“In search of a Prophet” Caravan special project at ArtBAB 2018, Exhibition and Conference Centre, Bahrain
2017-Call Out III, Malja/Red Bull, Bahrain
2017-Food is Culture exhibition by Giuse Maggi and Layla Al Sharf, BACA, Bahrain National Museum
2017-43rd Fine Art Exhibition, BACA, Bahrain National Theatre, Bahrain
2016-Definition, Malja/Red Bull, Bahrain
2015-Call Out, Malja/Red Bull, Bahrain
2013-“RE”, The Waterline Art Gallery BFH, Bahrain
2010-Immagini e Figure, Galleria GRAAL, Pavia, Italy
2009-The Colours Of Light, Bahrain National Museum
2009-Soglie, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome, Italy
2007-NAWAFETH, King Abdullah Aziz National Museum, Riyadh
2004-The Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition, Bahrain National Museum
1998-Made In Saudi Arabia, Al Khobar, KSA

Awards & Recognitions

2018-Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy, Rome, Italy
2009-CBS dichroic glass contest 2009, Orange-CA (USA)
1999-New Glass Review ‘20, Corning Museum of Glass-NY (USA)

Education & Certification

2019- Monoprint, Art Academy of London,UK
2018- Linocut, Jehan Saleh art Studio, Bahrain 2018- Albareh Gallery/FrenchEmbassy, Bahrain 2000- Lamp work at Centro Studio Vetro di San Servolo,Venezia (Italy)
1997- Pâte de verre at the Corning Museum Of Glass (NY)
1983-Master in Geology, Universita’ degli Studi di Pavia, Italy
1975-1980 Attendance at the Ceramic and Pottery Studio of Renato Maddalena, Certosa di Pavia (Pv), Italy