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Durban, South Africa

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Fundile Sithole (b.1995) was born in Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. She graduated at Imbali Visual Literacy Project after doing a 3-year course in visual art. Kim Sacks, a prolific South African Master Potter, discovered Fundile and placed her in their School of Ceramics and Fine Craft Art. Fundile states that her interest in working with clay was sparked by the fact that ancient civilizations identified clay as the chosen material by God/gods to create the first human being.


Her first solo exhibition with Gallery Fanon is titled ‘Sea Life’. The exhibition is an exploration of Fundile’s special connection with the Water Spirit and seashells. Fundile describes her work as “a manifestation of this profound connection”. Part of her process is she uses her intuition to create her pots without drafting a design on paper. Her pot designs are inspired by the sea and seashells.