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Francesco Bisazza

1992 Cittadella, Italy

10 Works exhibited

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Francesco Bisazza was born in Cittadella (Italy) in February 1992 and grew up in Vicenza. From an early age, he showed an aptitude for drawing and art and enrolled in art school, where he was able to find a personal way of expressing himself. In 2013, he moved to Brescia and attended both the New Technologies and Painting courses at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts.

From his first lessons onwards, he began an inner quest that led him away from academic canons, and he began to experiment with painting that was increasingly distant from classical figuration. At first logical and geometric, his style changes, arriving at informal and material paintings, experimenting with the rendering of various materials and recycled supports. He took his diploma in painting in 2018 and enrolled in the two-year course in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. His first exhibition was held in the basement of the ducal palace in Sabbioneta, and his subsequent exhibitions were held mainly in Lombardy and Veneto, with a few exceptions in Liguria. He gained experience working with an art gallery in Bibbiena (Ar), ExpArt Studio&Gallery. Finally, in March 2021 he graduated from the academy and his artistic production is divided between the creation of paintings, digital illustrations, tattoos and videos.

Poetic: "I always do what I don't know how to do, to learn how it should be done. The basis of everything is a study of the material. Through the application of layers of various materials, I seek the effect of solidity and three-dimensionality, almost as if it were a sculpture. By asking myself about the possibilities and energy potential inherent in the material, I was able to find a way to free myself from the image, geometric sign and need for order that I tend to have unconsciously. It is not a question of making uncontrolled gestures artistic, but of becoming aware of the additional meanings that lurk in the materials and energy of the gesture. When I paint I am not aware of what the final result will be, it is a process of awareness and careful study of the compositional balance of the painting. It is an obsessive research that leads to changes and destructions of the same composition. Through the works, spatial settings are created in which it is the observer who has to create the story."


- Presence", Selvino (Bg), 2016
- "Visions", Palazzolo sull'Olio (Bs), 2017
- "Hommage a' ago", Literary Café, Brescia, 2017
- "Palladio Gardesano 2017 edition", Villa Galnica, Puegnago sul Garda (Bs), 2017
- "Del Moretto and Anatomy / 12 anatomical restitution", Faculty of Medicine, viale Europa 11, Brescia,
- "Incontro", Association of Brescian artists, viacolo delle stelle 4, Brescia, 2018

- "Be_Different" festival be art vicenza, Cantiere delle barche 14, stradella barche 14, vicenza, 2018
- "Sognied enigmi", Palazzo Ducale, Genova, 2019
- "Astrattismo", Art Luxury Milano, via P. Sottocorno 27, Milan, 2019
- "Next Stop", Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, 2019
- "Ambientarsi", Spazio Arte Tolomeo, Milan, 2019

Works by Francesco Bisazza

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