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Florencia Martinez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Works by Florencia Martinez

Abbraccio 22


26 x 26cm

500,00 €

Abbraccio 16


38 x 15cm

500,00 €

Abbraccio 7


18 x 40cm

800,00 €

Abbraccio 10


20 x 45cm

800,00 €

Abbraccio 14


21 x 50cm

800,00 €

Abbraccio 15


20 x 46cm

800,00 €

Through her work, Florencia Martinez only wants to show something that we have not seen, or at least not repeated so obsessively.

If the impression is that we have quickly filled the entire space with photographic documentation of every single second of our lives, then something must be done with this enormous Abstract Memory of Time. Even materials are judged according to class, caste or purity. A poor thread that joins and patches is never looked at seriously just as a woman artist is never treated as seriously as a male artist.

But, with the conviction of the base soldier, the dawn baker, the fisherman and the cat, Florencia Martinez goes on undaunted, like pollen amidst a thousand allergies.


Florencia Martinez, an Italian-Argentine artist, was born in Buenos Aires in 1962. her Italian grandparents brought her up in a little Italy and this disorientation, this belonging to "elsewhere", the memory to be preserved and investigated, are visible in her work and are one of the main themes.

This constant research has led her to use fabric, her primordial material. Over the years, the fabric, from container and co-protagonist in her photographic works, has become the subject in her latest works: it has become three-dimensional, it has become sculpture.

Her most recent solo exhibitions include: L'amore mio è buonissimo (2008), Sotto il bosco di latte (2010), La chiamavano mille miglia (2014) and Carritos (2015). In 2016 he presented a site-specific solo exhibition To fill a gap at AAI (AFRO ASIATISCHES INSTITUT) in Graz, Austria.

Group exhibitions include: in 2007, at Palazzo Reale 1968-2007 Pittura Italiana curated by Vittorio Sgarbi; in 2010, Ritratti Italiani at the Galleria d' Arte Moderna di Cento; in 2011, the 54. International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion; in 2012, Perturbaciones at Museo de Bellas Artes de la Habana, CUBA; in 2014, POP UP ITALIAN SHOW, Hubei Museum of Arts, Wuhan, Hubei, China, Femminile, plurale at Galleria Biffi in Piacenza curated by Alessandra Redaelli, and Tessere Storie at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

She has participated in numerous fairs such as ArteFiera Bologna, ST-ART Strasbourg, Miami Basel/Context.