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Filiberto Vago

Monza, Italy

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Filiberto Vago

Composizione 22


Paintings , Mixed Media

85 x 64cm


Composizione 14


Paintings , Mixed Media

60 x 60cm


Filiberto Vago was born in Milan (1953), a medical doctor, living in Monza. His passion for figurative art began in his school days and was concentrated during his university years. He organized a first solo exhibition in a gallery in Brera in the 1970s and a second in an exhibition space in Mandello Lario in the 1980s. Last exhibition in Monza with a solo show c/o Galleria Montrasio in September 2022.

A break-in of the reassuring certainties beyond the confines of the circle, the form deemed most accomplished and self-referential with an infinite self-sufficient rotation of concentric rings closed in on themselves. The human mind struggles to assert an ordered conception of reality, to provide a coherent representation of forms, which is why - the artist seems to suggest - it is necessary to go beyond the Platonic order, fraying beyond the absolute circumference with a bundle of thin, wavering lines capable of creating tension and movement in the geometric locus of an axiomatic perfection. There is a need to break the resting state of the form by charging the perceptual field of the work with energy, inducing a dynamic vibration in the vision. A diagonal bundle of force lines, real vectors of transient impulses to generate a principle of indeterminacy and quantum instability within a static and absolutely defined geometric form.

In Filiberto Vago's work, the more geometric certainty demonstrata of form collides with the irreducible eccentric exceptionality of life. Rebellion against the necessary rigor of perfect form is found in the unpredictability of chance and the destiny that nurtures life. Pure thought, contemplation of ideal forms, but also osmosis with the world and reality: there is an inexhaustible relationship between mind and body, between thought and the matter of the world, there is an unquenchable fire that fuels life beyond the contemplation of perfection. It is not rational control, not an attempt to achieve a squaring of the circle, but rather a breaking of the time of the eternal return of repetition. The arrow of interrupted time is a dart thrown to break the predictable fate inscribed in the circle of existence.

A perceptible but educated existential restlessness allows itself to be uncovered in this composition by Filiberto Vago, who chooses the path of the third dimension as a privileged tool to shatter the thought of pure form devoid of depth, projecting restlessness into the space of a symbolic architecture of forms only seemingly resolved in a geometric balance. Every form is thought, but it is also language, a tension toward the full density of meaning and movement of communication.

Filiberto Vago is a medical doctor, he knows that the boundary between life and non-life is on a nano-metric scale, which is why his artistic practice seeks infinitesimal precision among minimal, bare and essential forms, symmetries and games of repetition, breaks of asymmetries and sudden variations, building subtle harmonies of references and interruptions. There is an invitation to concentration, a plunging into a kind of hypnosis of attention to rise to meditation, an oriental pathway to a form of noble contemplation. The works seem encapsulated under airless glass, but a subtle, almost imperceptible, metaphysical wind blows, capable of moving forms and thought.