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Fernando Halcón [Rh] (1969), is an artist always determined to offer a personal and identifiable way of artistically communicating his concerns as a careful observer of our shared social dynamics and our intrinsic contradictions in our relationship with our way of life and the rest of the world in the era of contemporary Capitalism.
The mixture of both handmade techniques, such as acrylic paint, pencils and watercolors together with collage, as well as digital, recreate an extremely rich and detailed imaginary in which Fernando Halcón intends to speak of the inexistence of limits in artistic creation, in search of an intentional communication and dialogue with society.
He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Madrid and later graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. In the course of a few years, he developed a code that contemplates a rich symbolic alphabet nourished by images that will provide his personal artistic language both in his sketchbooks and in his pictorial collages that define the plastic creative axis of all his artistic ensemble, where the most important thing is the content of communication and dialogue with the viewer.

Currently, Fernando Halcón maintains his creative studio and residence in Guadalajara, Spain, working on his artistic production, exhibiting his work in artistic and cultural circuits, as well as in various national and international publications such as: "Rooms Magazine", "Doze Magazine" or "Yorokobu". At the same time, he has been working for more than 20 years as a graphic designer and art director in the advertising and graphic communication sector, and as a freelance illustrator for publishers, magazines and books, some of his illustrated books have been published recently. For more than sixteen years he has been the cover illustrator of the SIC Magazine of Ediciones Coda, a specialized publication of recognized recognition in the digital security sector.
He is also a collaborating illustrator of the children's publishing house BABIDI-BÚ. Likewise, he teaches classes, workshops and lectures on painting, drawing, advertising creativity, design, illustration and collage for schools, art academies and municipalities.
In July 2019, he was awarded the 1st Prize for Plastic Arts by the Culture Department of the City Council of Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara.
Fernando Halcón (1969) studied at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades number 1 in Madrid and later obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. During his academic training he chose the specialized branches of Drawing, Engraving and Graphic Design, being drawing the most significant expressive base on which his creative work was developed. He has attended various workshops and training courses on drawing, illustration and sculpture, as well as a Master's Degree in Graphic Design, a profession that he combines with his work as a graphic artist, illustrator and editorial illustrator and also as a teacher of drawing, painting, illustration and collage workshops, 
illustration and collage.

- 2022 International exhibition "The eye looking at the world" in Gallery Aurea (Insolentia Room) Montpellier - France.
- 2018-2019 "Monsterz Land" Art and Music Festival and Exhibition in Gallery of Artistic Collective "Monsterz Tea Party", Negrepelisse, France, April, Dec 2018 and Feb2019.
- 2017 "I, Animal" Group Exhibition, Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, Spain.
- 2016 "Introspecciones Visuales", Valencia, Spain
- 2015 "Panorama Mix" Group exhibition of international artists, Casa de Cultura - Ayto, Valdemoro, Madrid, Spain.
- 2015 "Encuentros" Group Exhibition, Spanish artists in Amsterdam, Church "De driee Konings Kerk", Doetinchem.
- 2015 "Encounters", Spanish artists in Amsterdam, Rosmolen Museum - University of Zeddam
- 2015 Group Exhibition at Bookstore-Gallery "The Blue House", NewYork
- 2013 Digital Art Group Exhibition "Lucidos" - CEART Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente, Madrid, (PK Art Collective)
- 2013 Af_fordable Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany
- 2012 Gallery 86, Paris, France
- 2012 Gallery 100Kubik, Cologne, Germany, "Look at my window".
- 2012 Invited artist and solo exhibition at V Ciclo de Música Antigua "Sancti Iohannis", San Juán de Alicante, Spain.
- 2011 "Miami Beach Fair Art Pool", USA
- 2011 Solo exhibition at Graphic Book Gallery, Madrid, Spain
- 2011 Artwork exhibited at Faim Art Fair, Madrid, Spain
- 2011 "Geraldes Da Silva" Gallery, group exhibition "Gravura", Oporto, Portugal
- 2011 "IMMAGINAARTE FAIR", Milan, Italy
- 2011-2012 Collective Expo "Encuentros", Spanish artists in Amsterdam, Rosmolen Museum, Zeddam
- 2011 Expo. Collective exhibition and live Art Show, Gallery "Gracia Arts", Barcelona, Spain.
- 2010 Solo exhibition in Gallery "Civico", Guadalajara, Spain
- 2009 Work presented in Cultural Event "DIVERSO", Madrid, Spain
- 2008 "Feria de los Artistas", Atocha Station, Madrid, Spain
- 2007 Solo exhibition at "Tierra de Fuego" Gallery, Madrid, Spain.