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Ezio Tambini in one of his statements defines Beauty as an element that should not be left out in an artwork, since it is a value which is worth pursuing. This is a conflict which I personally fight for several years. Beauty must be the lowest common denominator between all works of art. Taste is another component of the artist’s work, without which art would be self-referential and self-celebrating, but most of all disgusting and pathological. In his works a great communication skill is highlighted, his ability is not only in the fact that he manages to keep the relevance with the object or the subject in real life, but is in his ability to let his sensibility, his passion, his great devotion come through.

While admiring his paintings it is noticeable a technique which give to the observer a strong visual impact; the colours used are balanced, harmonious and, I dare say, musical. The amazing power that the palette has goes beyond dreams, becoming for the artist a force with a fairytale magnificence. Tambini pursuits perfection in his works, by enriching with details his wonderful portraits.

Every element represented communicates, with the only visual aid, the sensation of lightly touching and understanding the texture of the fabric, of the leather and every component of this production. His still-life seems to come to life through the colour game of brightness, benefits of this sensational creations. Through Tambini’s works we can understand the true magic of art: the artistic representation goes as far as improving the reality that we see through our eyes.

Works by Ezio Tambini

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