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Ellada Amvrosiadou

1986, Russian Federation

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Ellada Amvrosiadou lives in Paphos and has finished FashionDesign Institute in Greece. For some time she worked in the fashion industry yet her love for art took over and in the last years she completely focused on it.
Ellada’s art is difficult to put between certain frames of a genre, she likes to invent new, to synthesize and mix different styles but very carefully, invisibly removing the borders. We can definitely say that the analytical state of mind in her paintings is as present as romanticism. In her work minimalism is where the absence of many details is compensated by a distinct center and emotionally bright choice of colours. The scenarios of the pieces do not belong to any type of subjectivism, as they are filled with metaphors, associations and symbolism. When you look at Ellada’s paintings you get this unexpected feeling of some fantastic space, a far away mysterious world as if “through the looking glass”.

Works by Ellada Amvrosiadou

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