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Elizabeth Art Candy

1980 Verona, Italy

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The artist reinterprets the icons of our contemporary using brightly colored sweet confetti a bit like the brilliant artist Aldo Mondino, not yet fully understood, did in the early eighties who used chocolates, coffee and sticky candies to make unforgettable works. Elizabeth reinvents the tradition of the Pop current by inserting, in an artistic context, commercial products of common use, transforming them into precious pieces for the construction of her plastic and lively representations, where the light slips into the hollows and cracks created by the candies to create unprecedented volumes , mixing techniques, materials and genres by changing their function and urging us to see things differently.
His apparently playful and childish works could remind us of Dadaist or Duchampian origins but it would be an understatement; the artist wants us to meditate above all on the ingenuity so envied and often remembered by Picasso "all children are born artists; the difficult thing is to remain so when grown up. " Learning to see, not to look, to snatch a smile, a happy memory, the importance of simple things like the pleasure of giving a little one a candy and receiving a joyful expression in return. Let's go back to life! Among the most recent exhibitions: Courmayeur (Ao), Chia (Ca), Laveno (Va) and Valle dell’Erica (Ot); in important trade fairs such as ArtVerona, Baf Bergamo and Affordable Art Fair Milano. One of his works is exhibited at the Usl Franciacorta-Chiari-Brescia having joined the permanent project with more than forty artists: "Germinations, for a future museum of contemporary art"

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