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Elisa Muliere

1981 Tortona, Italy

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Elisa Muliere, lives and works in Bologna. During her studies she was a painter but today her production ranges from work on canvas and paper to the experimentation of other forms of research such as immersive installations, ceramics, videos, artist's books and wall interventions.

In 2014 she published "Icaro deve cadere", published by the publisher GRRRz Comic Art Books of Genoa, presented in various spaces including the VII International Biennial of Illustration in Lisbon "ILUSTRARTE", the Treviso Comic Book Festival, the Gallery Il Vicolo (Genoa), the Adiacenze exhibition space for BilBOlbul '14, with installations dedicated to it. From 2018 "Il mio regno" (Edizioni Sido), a contemporary reinterpretation of the famous story "Il principe felice" by Oscar Wilde.

"My current artistic practice derives from a personal need for physical and emotional contact. In our daily life, in which virtual and new technologies have taken over, I feel the urgency to use materials such as painting and sculpture to investigate in an intimate territory. Starting from a study on rhythm, on the force of pure gesture, on the possibilities of opening the movement, narration of obsessions, tensions that resurface from the unconscious. For me, art is an attestation of presence, instinct and at the same time instant, a channel through which I come into direct contact with an inner part of my being, to be brought to the surface. Freedom with what I face in my painting today is the same thing that I take with the rest of production and the creative process lives in a terrain of continuous hybridization, where meaning and meaning mix and overlap, multiply. Energy, sensitivity and immediacy are the main components for the creation of works that tend to unravel human thought in its non-linearity."


"BLOSSOM", curated by V. Aretusi, V. Barbara, L. Capezzone, G. Oblo, Uovo alla Pop, Livorno, 2019 
"ENSEMBLE", curated by, private space, Milan, 2019 
"IL TEMPO SEI TU CHE LO DECIDI", curated by A. Zannoni, A. Mariotti e D. Tozzi, Adiacenze, Bologna, 2018 
"RAMRAM", curated by A. Mariotti e D. Tozzi, double solo show with Stefano Ronci, Italo Calvino Culture House, Calderara di Reno, 2018 
"BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE", curated by Adiacenze, exhibition inside the Artefiera circuit 2017 / ART CITY, Camera a Sud, Bologna, 2017 
“PORTRAITS _ RITRATTO ATTRAVERSO UNA MOLTITUDINE”, curated by Nicoletta Grasso, CRAC Research Center for Contemporary Arts, Lamezia, 2016 
“TWINS”, curated by Adiacenze, Civic Museum of Tortona, 16 January / 29 February 2016 
“ICARO DEVE CADERE #6”, curated by Grrrz Comic Art Books, Gogol & Company, Milan, November 2015 
“ICARO DEVE CADERE #5” @ TCBF -TREVISO Comic Books Festival 2015”, GRRRz Comic Art Books, EX ISRAA, Treviso, September 2015 
“POLAR PRIVACY”, curated by Adiacenze – CUBO UNIPOL project “Macrocosmi”, Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, September 2015 
“ICARO DEVE CADERE #4”, curated by Marie Honzikova e Grrrz Comic Art Books, Galleria Il Vicolo, Genova, June 2015 
“ICARO DEVE CADERE #3”, Exhibition space Un_type, curated by GRRRZ Comic Art Books, Parma, May 2015 
“ICARO DEVE CADERE #2”, NB Notabene, curated by Marie Honzikova and GRRRZ Comic Art Books, Turin, April 2015 
“ICARO DEVE CADERE #1”, Exhibition space Adiacenze, curated by Adiacenze and GRRRZ Comic Art Books, Bologna, November 2015 
“QUALCOSA SULL’ANIMA”, Mondadori Space, curated by Francesca Liotta, Alessandria, 2012 
“ROOTS”, Adiacenze, curated by Adiacenze, Bologna, 2011


“NOW NOW. Quando nasce un'opera d'arte”, group show, Casa Testori's project by D. Dall'Ombra, L. Fiore, G. Frangi, F. Radaelli, Rimini Meeting / Fair, 2019
“TUTTIFRUTTI”, group show curated by Supergiovane with text by G. Frangi, Stecca 3.0, Milan, 2019
“VEDO A COLORI”, wallpainting, curated by G. Vesprini, Civitanova Marche, 2019
“X ANNI DI PREMIO NOCIVELLI”, group show curated by Ass. Cult. Techne, MO.CA, Brescia, 2018
“MARTELIVE”, festival, wallpainting ‘Nessuna paura’ curated by A. Sciarra/Alinea, Rome, 2017
“EGO SUM LUX MUNDI”, group show curated by J. P. Denefve, Koma Gallery, Mons, Belgium, 2017
“RELIQUAIRE”, group show curated by A. Mariotti and D. Tozzi, Adiacenze, 2017
“ANOMALIE”, group show curated by Michele Gentili, Parco Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico Santa Cristina, Macerata, 2017 
“UOVO ALLA POP”, group show curated by Valeria Aretusi and Libertà artistic project, Galleria Uovo alla Pop, Livorno, 2017
“DELICIOUS _ THE SHOW”, group show curated by Francesca Riccioni, Adiacenze, Bologna, 2017
“BOUNCE/PILLOLE DI INDAGINE SUL DESIGN CONTEMPORANEO”, group show curated by Adiacenze, Bologna Design Week, Adiacenze, 2016
“ART ON _BIENTINA”, Festival, curated by Progetto Artistico Libertà, Bientina, 2016 
“SOMETIMES… WITH MYSELF”, group show, FARZAD Art Gallery, curated by Narjes Mohammadi, Mashhad, Iran, July 2016 
“IMPRUNETA ON FIRE!”, national festival of public art, intervention on ceramics by i Progetto Artistico Libertà, Fornace Massimo Carbone, Impruneta (FI), June 2016 
“ILUSTRARTE”, VII International Illustration Biennial, Museo dell’Elettricità, Lisbona, 20 January / 17 April 2016
“ART ON CASCINA”, group show curated by Progetto Artistico Libertà, Cascina (FI), 2015 
“RICHIAMI - ESPERIENZE DI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA AD ALESSANDRIA”, group show curated by Carlo Pesce, Comune di Alessandria, Alessandria, may 2015 
“ART BY PRESSO”, group show curated by Adiacenze and Presso Kook Sharing, Presso Kook Sharing, Milan, March 2015 
“ARTE NEL PROGETTO”, group show curated byi Marie Honzikova, Galleria Studio 44, Genova, March 2015 
“AL LIMITE, SCONFINO”, Contemporary Art Exhibition curated by Adiacenze, 27 July / 19 August 2014, Forte Stella, Monte Argentario (GR) 
“THE OTHERS 2013”, Fiera internazionale, Stand Adiacenze, Le nuove, Turin, November 2013


“NOW NOW. Quando nasce un'opera d'arte”, Casa Testori group show catalog,  2019 
“SMALLZINE”, recurrent free press of contemporary art, interview by L. Barillaro (pages 6 -7), Box Art & Co., April / June 20199 
“ENSEMBLE”, solo show catalog, 2019 
“X ANNI DI PREMIO NOCIVELLI”, group show catalog, Silvana Editoriale, 2018 
“ARTEAM CUP 2016”, international award catalog, Vanilla Edizioni, 2016 
“NURANT ILLUSTRATION MAG”, Issu 22, April 2016 
“ILUSTRARTE 2016”, VII International Illustration Biennial, catalog, Ver Pra Ler, 2016 

“IL MIO REGNO", illustrated book, SIDO Publishing House, 2018
“ICARO DEVE CADERE”, artist book, GRRRz Comic Art Books, 2014 


“ISOLA DI COMACINA” artist residence, promoted by the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Lake Como, 2018 
“CRAC _ Centro di ricerca per l'Arte Contemporanea”, artist residence, Lamezia, 2016 
“ARTEAM CUP”, International Contemporary Art Competition, Finalist, Alessandria, Palazzo Monferrato, 2016
“ILUSTRARTE , VII Biennale di illustrazione internazionale”, selected, Lisbona 2016 
“ART ON CASCINA” – public art competition, winner of the Critics' Award, 2015 
“PREMIO NOCIVELLI” – First prize winner absolute painting section over 25, Verolanuova, 2011

Works by Elisa Muliere

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49.7 x 54 cm


49.7 x 54 cm


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