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Elena Chimenti

1977 Livorno, Italy

1 Works exhibited

Current location

Livorno, Tuscany (Italy)

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  • About the Artist
Graduated from the artistic high school in Livorno in 1996, she subsequently obtained two specializations in goldsmithing, in Florence and in Pisa.
For twenty years she deepens the technique working in workshops of master goldsmiths. The wire sculptures were bornsomewhat as a game from a gift of a friend who gave her a skein of wire to create something new. Elena is immediately passionate about the wire art technique and following the love she has for animals and nature she created her first work, a horse head. The sea city where she lives, Livorno, and the Tuscan landscapes, where she loves to spend her free time in the company of her horse, offer her the buster to realize ethereal and abstract shapes full of lightness. The theme of the sea, with whales, octopuses and jellyfish that seem to hover in the water, and the call to the woods with achievements of magnetic-eyed foxes, very light deer heads and mysterious raptors like owls, are recurrent in her artworks. The sculpture becomes the means to express itself, so much so as to leave her job of goldsmith. "My works are born from the deep admiration I have for nature.  In it I find all the answers, from the instinct, without elaborating a defined plan, from the observation, from the need to let out feelings that I would not be able to communicate with words. I try to enhance the most beautiful aspects, without being realistic because nature is perfect and can not be copied".

Works by Elena Chimenti

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44 x 57 x 36 cm

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