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Edvige Cecconi Meloni

Urbino, Italy

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Edvige Cecconi Meloni, Urbino 1993. 
She attended the IUAV in Venice in Visual Arts and Theatre. Then comes Master in Visual Cultures and Curatorial Practices from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. She dedicates the course of her thesis to the epistolary relationship between the poet Cristina Campo and the writer Alessandro Spina, since the 1960s, published in Carteggio. Strengthening the artistic and literary passion for the concept of the letter.

To give life to the artistic process of Edvige Cecconi Meloni is the beauty of what is not caught, or what lives in a minimum glow. The detail is transcribed by the artist on handmade paper that, later, is transformed into a letter. The handcrafted elaboration of the paper, the "affreschi narrativi" made on the wall, the writing, the drawing, the accumulation of objects and their transformations do not foresee a term or a purpose, but they constantly grow during the daily life.