To Dream, to Collect


Doroty Bhawl

1985 Brescia, Italy

2 Works exhibited



  • About the Artist

Visionary. Oneiric. Satirical. Ironic. Provocative. Irritants. Funny. Irreverent. Stimulants and destabilizers.

You rarely find many adjectives equally appropriate for photographs belonging to a single author.

Dorothy Bhawl succeeds, capable of combining reality and fiction in a very successful game of which she is a wise director, as well as a set designer. Film echoes of the first Jodorowsky, surrealist tributes of the best Salvador Dalì and psychedelic visions of the "cursed" Allen Ginsberg are the references of a production that never manages to be banal and obvious.

Frames of adrenaline as unlikely narrations, Dorothy's shots are the result of long and well-kept pose room sessions that leave nothing to chance, but which obsessively seek even the smallest details, intended to compose the final staging.

His "style", his trademark is immediately recognizable not so much for the technique as for the content expressed and, in a period in which the bulimic production of images has accustomed us to levels of approval now worrying, its immediate identification they make him a leading figure in the panorama of Italian photography.

Dorothy Bhawl's works are the allegorical representation of most of the contradictions present in contemporary society. The paradoxical and sometimes grotesque combinations of objects and people, which find the harmony of opposites in their encounter, are a subjective testimony and stimulus for reflection.

Works by Dorothy Bhawl

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