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Dorian Katz

United States

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Oakland, California

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  • About the Artist

Dorian Katz is a visual artist who places herself with the hybridic creatures populating her drawings into historical retellings, a blurring of scientific data on animals, art history and invented narratives. Katz received an MFA from Stanford University in 2011. Her art has been exhibited in many venues such as SOMArts, Lawton Gallery at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Worth-Ryder Gallery at UC Berkeley, the Museum of Death in Hollywood and Gallery 848. Her art is in numerous publications including ALMANAC: An Index of Current Work and Thought, Salome in Modernity (University of Michigan), Other magazine, Morbid Curiosity, The Human Pony, Hyena (Reaktion) and Alphabet (Stacked Deck).

She has been working on her work “Poppers the Pony” since 2006. Through the voice of her alter ego, Poppers the Pony, Dorian Katz offers a sexual utopia populated by mischievous and enticing creatures. The universe of Poppers the Pony is inspired by animal science, queer history, made-up stories and the lives that friends lead or want to lead.

From 2011 to 2019, Dorian Katz led the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture, where she presented the work of hundreds of artists, addressing sexuality and gender in transgressive ways.

Works by Dorian Katz

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20.3 x 24.1 cm


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