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Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon - Portugal

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Diogo Barros Pires (b. 1985) is a figurative contemporary artist from Lisbon. Having studied Economics in the University of Lisbon and with an early training as a photographer in Prague, Barros Pires is also a former student of AR.CO, with a degree in the Advanced Course of Visual Arts. His work explores the relationship between memories, people and their environments. Spontaneously combining the collective imagery inherited by history, literature and cinema, with the transitory nature of everyday moments, Barros Pires creatively offers a dynamic mix of perspective, performance and emotionality. His work hums with a range of vibrant colour, nuanced tonal scales and a mix-media approach. Owing to his brightness and versatility, in 2017, Diogo Barros Pires became creative director of Studio Astolfi, through which he work has gained further visibility, in addition to have had the opportunity to collaborate with other international recognised artists and reputable designers.

(2023) Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair - Mariana Custodio Gallery —Istanbul, Turkey (2023) Here We Go Again - Mariana Custodio Gallery —Istanbul, Turkey (2022) Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair - Mariana Custodio Gallery — Istanbul, Turkey (2021) Safra Insofar - Gallery pre-launch party - Lisbon, Portugal (2021) Safra First Year Exhibition - Lisbon, Portugal (2020) Amorpho - Gallery Super 1- Lisbon, Portugal (2019) Cock Christmas, Cash Only -Atelier Concorde —Lisbon, Portugal (2018) Crucify me, A Retrospective - Studio Astolfi — Lisbon, Portugal (2017) No Lab — Made in Turkey - Husky Uplink Fabrikasi — Istanbul, Turkey. (2016) AUrora Piccione - Rally Paper — Lisbon, Portugal (2014) Light|Sound - The Attic — Lisbon, Portugal (2013) Demimonde - Galeria BoaVista — Lisbon, Portugal (2012) Ora Bolas! Ha Espaço! Vamos Usá-lo! - Galeria Boavista — Lisbon, Portugal