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The St.Gallen artist Désirée Velleuer works passionately with different materials, colours, forms and subjects. Her brushstrokes and strong color compositions make her paintings appear lively. She is at home in the financial world and painting is for her an ideal balance to the challenging volatility of the markets.

Desiree Dolron is well-known both for her penetrating travel reportages and for her staged photographs. Dolron’s photographs portray a variety of styles and subjects, including documentary images, still lives, portraits and architectural photography. She is internationally reputed to be one of the most successful Dutch photographers in the world today.


Over the 1991-1999 period, Desiree Dolron took documentary photographs of religious rites in countries as far apart as India, Thailand, Morocco and the Philippines. In 2000 these were published as a collection in a book entitled Exaltation: Images of Religion and Death. In 2002 Dolron produced an extremely atmospheric reportage on Cuba. Although Dolron does not deliberately ignore current events in the communities she visits, her photographs cannot be described as journalistic. Her reportages are not continuous narratives, but strings of discrete moments selected for their power of expression and atmosphere. Both in her monochrome photographs (low-contrast, soft in focus and printed in sepia tones) and in her color pictures (the tonality of which is just slightly non-standard) Dolron harks back to the pictorialism of the early 20th century. This gives her work a painterly quality and aura