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Demetrio Di Grado

1976 Palermo, Italy

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Born in Palermo in 1976, after spending some time in Hip Hop culture from 1994 to 2000, Demetrio Di Grado was fascinated by art and especially by painting. In 2012 he founded ManSourcing, the association allowed him to start his artistic project: the promotion of art in all its possible forms. Thus, he began a path full of collaborations with numerous artists on the national and international scene, who were then involved in Di Grado exhibitions, street art projects and festivals.

In 2016 he revolutionized his idea of ​​making art. Always fascinated by the collage technique, he began to cut, paste, assemble images and suggestions. Representing his dreams and thoughts on paper in an intimate journey between consciousness and instinct: his collages were born this way, from the desire to express oneself through evocative images of a historical period that is now far away but full of poetry and nostalgia. His collages are cuts of magazines published between the 1920s and the 1950s, which he looks for as an archaeologist.

The scenes represented by his works recall the war memories but also those of the rebirth. The figure is always in the center. Faces are full of suffering but they are also willing to live and redeem themselves. Each man, woman and child carries a message flowing through time and reaching our contradictory present. Finally, a focus on the Eyes, launching a provocation, an invitation to reflect. The Eyes reptresented by Di Grado speak, and they are his remarkable signature.

This is how he defines his work: a collage. In a historical period in which the digital is always faster and the frenzy devours, the analogical requires him to stop, during his spare time. 

Works by Demetrio Di Grado

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29.7 x 21 cm



29.7 x 21 cm



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