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Darae Jeon

1989 Korea, Republic of

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Darae Jeon is a Korean contemporary abstract artist who uses luminous, cool colors and whimsical, calligraphic lines to build her paintings in hopes of communicating joy. Believing that art has the exquisite power to offer emotional and spiritual pleasure, she always seeks her inner light, “finding a peaceful and meditative aura in my work. I want to catch and represent spiritual happiness through a continuing inner dialogue on canvas.” Jeon uses an all-over compositional strategy reminiscent of the early Abstract Expressionists, creating paintings that are layered, complex, and evoke a sense of visual harmony and balance. Instead of searching for meaning in her works, she hopes to provide her viewers with comfort and the opportunity to open themselves to the feelings the works inspire. Based in Seoul, Darae Jeon studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, USA, where she graduated in 2013.

Works by Darae Jeon

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