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Arnold Clémence

1979 France

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Paris, France

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  • About the Artist

I work with oil paint and video.

My plastic research is a fiction which is elaborated from my memories and my visions.

I try to question the notions of memory and remembrance.

My painting creates its own narrative, the story of a personal myth that summons memory as much as it manipulates and shapes it.

I ask myself both what my film or photographic archives say, and how elements that are not part of my story tell it anyway.

Whether it's a matter of new connections or a reworking of my memory, it's a matter of "experiencing" something through painting, of making that thing or its aura appear.

I pass images through the filter of painting which thus becomes a tool of vision allowing me to see reality better, even to manufacture it.

Certain themes cross and mix in my work. The most recurrent being memory, childhood, night or vegetation.

I grant an important part to the intervention of the unconscious and I see my works as so many fictions where it is difficult to distinguish what is of the order of the memory of what concerns the fantasy or my imagination.

My work is very instinctive and intuitive. I start with images that inspire me and I unroll the thread.

These images can be family archives (films, photographs), my own photos, videos or even collected images for which I feel a particular resonance.

I practice video as a medium in its own right but also in order to use it for my painting.

I paint mainly with oil because this technique is to my eyes the one that makes painting the most alive and sensual.

I am particularly fond of old techniques and palettes and I attach importance to the gesture and the energy that transpire.

The images that emerge from my paintings are not only the fruit of my imagination and my unconscious, they also come from a collective unconscious from which I would like to bring out the underlying story.

Works by Clémence Arnold

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