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Cherring Negi

himachal pradesh, India

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himachal pradesh

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Works by Cherring Negi

rear window IX


38.1 x 27.94cm


rear window VII


38.1 x 27.94cm

325,00 €

rear window X


38.1 x 27.94cm

325,00 €

view from window


88.9 x 58.42cm

937,50 €


Negi's work is based on the stories of different people connected by a common thread of humanity. The compositions portray the struggles and obstacles faced by people and the artist’s attempt to understand and celebrate the uniqueness of each narrative.

The artist specializes in printmaking techniques of woodcut and lithography.

Cherring belongs to Himachal Pradesh , he completed his BFA in Graphic from Government College of Art Panjab University in 2010.  He  completed his MFA in Graphic, Kala Bhawan Santiniketan in 2012