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Cécile Wick

1954 Switzerland

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The work of Zurich-based photographer Cécile Wick is a cornerstone of contemporary Swiss photography. Cécile Wick’s first publication was KopfFall, a collection of dreamily dark black-and-white photos of heads, islands, and waterfalls, shot with a pinhole camera. America, her latest book, focuses on vast elementary landscapes, using digitally reworked color prints for the first time. While teaching at the University of California at Davis, she traveled across the American continent by train, photographing the passing panoramic vistas from an unchanging, unspectacular angle. It is a perspective that endows the pageant of plains, horizons, and mountain ranges, interspersed with a few spectacular traces of human civilization, with an entrancingly intense luminosity.

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40 x 30 cm


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