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Cat Sirot

Paris, France

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Works by Cat Sirot

Orange Pear


32 x 32cm

Poire Amour


32 x 32cm

Cat Sirot was born in 1971 in Paris. She studied at the Bugeant-Begeault academy, applied Arts school in Poitiers. A multi-faceted artist, she delightfully experiments with various artistic paths. After having painted emotional landscapes on canvas, she added a medium to her palette of techniques: plexiglass. Her drawings on this medium are a tribute to the classic master pieces, they illuminate in blue during the night, giving them a dreamlike look. She also creates gigantic bronzes, such as her large formatted ostrich, created for Futuroscope in Poitiers in 2014. Recently, the artist developed a taste for portrait by representing children of the world, but also her work on large formatted dolls, which began in 2012 and is still an on-going project. Her resin fruit sculptures are also so appealing and smily, whether they are cherries or pears.
Even though the artist experiments with several techniques and mediums, she hasn’t lost sight of the fact that she wants her work to be meaningful. Her art is guided by a reflection on the human being, the true meaning of life, and the artist passes on its affectation. She is well-known internationally, Cat Sirot exhibits either permanently or temporarily in galleries around France and abroad (China, Dubai and UK). Her works are part of various private and public collections like the Zunyi museum in China.