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Les poétiques du paysage 49


40 x 40 x 1.8cm

650,00 €

Poétiques du paysage 61


33 x 41 x 2cm

600,00 €

Poétiques du paysage 3


60 x 60 x 2cm

1800,00 €

Poétiques du paysage 70


100 x 81 x 2cm

2700,00 €

Poétiques du paysage 57


90 x 90 x 2cm

2700,00 €

Poétiques du paysage 17


90 x 90 x 2cm

2700,00 €

Carole Bressan has been exhibiting her work mainly in France but also abroad since 2005.
For about ten years she has developed several series, "Narrative Patchworks", "Envolées"... The technique is then oriented towards collage, calligraphy and research of materials, in the service of very composed canvases with dreamlike subjects.

In 2017, she began a series that she calls Poetics of the Landscape.
Of this new orientation she says:
"From now on, my painting is oriented towards a poetic evocation of nature. In these "Poetics of the Landscape" I try to summon the sacred character inherent in the landscapes contemplated, objects of evocation of a vast range of emotions, feelings and sentiments.  

The technique evolves, the canvases are first covered with plaster, then knives and brushes navigate on and between the asperities and reliefs. Numerous possibilities of transparencies, filter effects and superimpositions are created thanks to a whole set of coloured juices (a technique close to watercolour and to which polymorphic acrylics can be compared).
Carole Bressan's paintings are almost entirely flat and depend on multiple stages of drying, at the rhythm of these superimposed juices.
The paintings are often vibrant, imbued with an energetic signature and spontaneity that gives the representation an ephemeral character and a feeling of immediacy. 

"Warm colours, cold colours, materials on the shelf or in motion, diffuse or sharp light: each of Carole Bressan's paintings is an invitation to a poetic elsewhere, an intimate notebook that reveals itself to us. The landscapes she transfigures are there, as if to bring us back to a tangible reality that does not seem to have any hold on time. Nature is timeless and a source of resilience.

David Gauduchon for Pratique des Arts (2020)



2017-2019 -Galerie Bleu Réglisse Espace Auvillar

2016-2019-Galerie L'ART en tête, Sologne

2010-2019- Gallery Vent des Cimes, Grenoble

2013-2016-Galerie Obéniche, Honfleur

2012-2015- NEEL Gallery, Cannes/Paris

2015-2016- Ces-Arts Gallery, Paris

2010-2012- Vieceli Gallery, Paris/Cannes 
2010- Temps des Arts Gallery, Megève

2010-2011- Spolnik Gallery, La Varenne Sainte Hilaire

2009-2013- Graal Gallery, Clermont Ferrand, Toulouse, Agen, Moissac

2010-2013- Egregore Gallery, Lyon

2010-2011- Grulier Gallery, Courchevel/Avignon

2010- Joël Dupuis Gallery, Hardelot

2007-2010- Bartoux Galleries (St Paul de Vence, Paris, Honfleur, Courchevel, Megève, New York)

2006-2007- Gallery Carré D'Artistes

2005-2007- Toastgallery, Paris

2005-2007- Artwist Gallery, Paris


2022- Japan Art Festival, Halle des Blancs Manteaux, Paris

2022- COMPARAISONS exhibition - J.Porte Group, ART CAPITAL, Grand Palais Ephémère

2022- 68th Exhibition of Charenton

2021- "Artcité La Vingtième", Fontenay-sous-bois

2021- Salon de Criel-sur-mer, Manoir de briançon, Guest of honor

2019- The winners of the 2018 Biennial, three artists at the Carré des Coignard, Nogent-sur-Marne

2019- Salon d'automne de La Baule, Chapelle Sainte Anne, Guest of honor

2019- "Artcité 18 years", Halle Roublot

2019- "100% Women", Usine à Zabu

2018-RDV D'ART, Espace Christiane Peugeot, Paris

2018-Artcité, Fontenay Sous Bois

2018-Biennale des arts de Nogent-sur-Marne, Jury Prize

2018-Les Estivales de Montjoi (82)

2017-Salon ARAMI, Ermont

2017-Usine in Zabu, "C'est L'Printemps

2016-Salon des Artistes du Val de Marne

2016-Salon des Arts de Pontoise

2016-Sylvie PLATINI Gallery, exhibitions "back from the beach" and "winter and emotion"

2016- Castle of Mauregard

2016- Art Nou Millenni Gallery, Barcelona

2015- In duo with Thierry Dehais sculptor, Carré des Coignard, Nogent sur Marne

2015- Salon "Art et Peinture" of Bourges, Guest of honor

2015-Salon "Les Talents" of Bailly (78), Guest of honor

2014- "Art Actuel", Lyons La forêt

2014- Gallery Neel Paris with Cécile Desserle

2013- Biennial of Contemporary Art of Mortagne au Perche

2013-Les Hivernales, Bonsecours

2012- Ballancourt exhibition

2012- Duo with Pascale Vergeron, Lauzerte, Espace Point de Vue

2012- Biennial of Conches

2011-Artcité, Fontenay Sous Bois

2011-Biennale of Contemporary Art of Mortagne au Perche

2011- Duo with Nathalie Picoulet, master pastellist, Vent des Cimes Gallery, Grenoble

2010- Duo with Thierry Dehais sculptor, Chapelle Marquelet de la Noue, Meaux

2008- Saitama, Japan

2008- Paris/Kyoto, 50 years of friendship, Kyoto, Japan

2008- Normandy Gallery, Honfleur

2006- Artwist's small formats

2006- Studio Gani, Saint Ouen


2020- Gallery D'Art et D'Or, Châtillon-Sur-Seine, in duo with Cristina Marques sculptor

2019- Notre-Dame de Portbail church

2018-Château de Mauregard, Saint Hilaire Le Châtel

2015-Gallery of the Espace Daniel Sorano, Vincennes

2014- Gallery Manufacture 45, Rouen

2013- Neel Gallery, Place des Vosges, Paris

2012- Gallery Vieceli Place des Vosges, Paris

2012-Salon de la Hêtraie, Guest of honor

2010- Edouard VII Conference Center, Paris

2006- Tourist Office of the city of Nanterre

2006- "Les Poétiques des sens", Toastgallery, Paris

2005- Abracadabar, Paris

2005- APBNF, François Mitterrand Library, Paris