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Works by Camilla Engström



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80 x 60cm

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Fertile Soil



90.17 x 64.77cm

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The Sun And The Moon



60.96 x 42.55cm

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In vibrant, sorbet-colored landscapes, the self-taught painter Camilla Engström creates paeans to ecological empowerment and rebels against female beauty standards. Her bright scenes often feature Husa, a pink, playful, full-bodied character that Engström developed as an alter ego. The artist views Husa as a rejection of the tall, thin, otherworldly models that she had to sketch when making fashion illustrations. Engström has even created an Instagram page devoted to the character. Sometimes, the land and female forms combine in Engström’s compositions, evoking the canvases of Georgia O’Keeffe, whom the younger artist counts as her number-one inspiration. Engström has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and Hong Kong. In 2016, she published A Book of Dicks, filled with irreverent illustrations.