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Bertrand Derel


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"My approach is protean in the sense that it does not freeze in a single direction. I use several mediums so as not to restrict my expressive possibilities. However, drawing is at the heart of all my practices. It is my verb. Thanks to it, I can formalize my thoughts and make them evolve. Thus, all my projects are born on paper. It is then characterized by my curiosity and the desire to recompose what I glean from my encounters. I do not limit this word only to human relations; for me, these meetings bring together all the events and sensations that provoke an emotion. I collect them using sketches, notes or photographs. To do this, I am often outside to nourish my senses. I don't have a frozen obsession, all areas interest me.

I read and travel a lot. Then, my work is developed and built in the studio. I mix, recompose, assemble this data in order to obtain series of drawings which group together and evoke all the  sensations felt.It can also be a recombination of my sources of inspiration to serve an idea that I want to develop, a bit like elements of language constructing a discourse. Hence also the important place of words in my work, especially in titles. It is then from this point that I can switch from paper to painting or sculpture, which are more "physical" forms of expression".

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