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Ugo Schildge


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Ugo Schildge was born in Paris and grew up in an artistic environment, surrounded by collectors and artists. He lives between New-York and Paris where he works in a studio in Montreuil, just outside Paris. Very early made sensitive to art, especially painting, in 2008, he puts an end to his studies in Montreal and comes back to Paris, at “Beaux Arts de Paris”. He studies with Giuseppe Penone for three years, sharing the artist’s passion for wood, in all possible forms. He also works with Jean-Marc Bustamante and then Tadashi Kawamata. He has also been Bernard Moninot’s assistant and spent a year at the Sao Paulo School of Fine Arts. Back in Paris, he worked on the replica of “Le Grand Verre” (la Mariée mise à nue par ses célibataires, Même) by Marcel Duchamp (Philadelphia Museum of Art). A movie was shot and shown at the Pompidou Center in Paris in September 2014. Most of his sculpture works are in wood, the “Tree and its scars” (movement effects or scars are shown by belts). His paintings represent animated photographs, by means of carved cogs. If an image may be hiding another one, tens, hundreds of images are concealed and shown by “moving pictures”. The still picture starts moving and transforms itself by means of a mechanism: similar to samples superimposed on the picture and making it look thicker, cogwheels in varying sizes and numbers create a new kinematic image; the initially figurative picture becomes abstract. Put into motion by a random and somewhat uncontrollable dynamic which contrasts with the required technical accuracy of adjustments and gears, far from coming undone, it seems to regenerated, multiplied and reinterpreted over and over again.

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