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Luigi Russolo

1947 Italy

1 Works exhibited


  • About the Artist
Luigi Russolo was born in Portogruaro (Veneto) in 1885. After joining his family in Milan in 1901, he chose to pursue painting. In 1909 he met Umberto Boccioni and Carlo Carrà. His Divisionist period works were influenced by Previati and particularly by Boccioni. The following year, after his encounter with Marinetti, Russolo signed both the Manifesto of Futurist Painters and the Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting. Afterwards, he participated in all Futurist soirées and exhibitions. His mature Futurist canvases, while open to Cubist influence, drew primarily on the examples of Anton Giulio Bragaglia's photo-dynamism and Etienne-Jules Marey's chrono-photography. Russolo died at Cerro di Lavenio in 1947.

Works by Luigi Russolo

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