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Works by Gustavo Francesconi




80 x 65cm

1050,00 €




60 x 60cm

350,00 €

Born in 1986, Gustavo had his first contact with art in Joinville when he was a 15 year-old student of Product Design at UNISOCIESC. After graduation, he moved to Curitiba where he majored in Graphic Design at PUC-PR. He has a postgraduate degree in Applied Illustration from IDEP, Barcelona. Gustavo worked for various design studios, but his passion for art made him change his life. Since then, he’s developed artistic projects in his studio. In 2014, he organized his first individual exhibition, entitled EXPO/APOC, which revealed a panorama of his artistic production and experimentation from the previous two years. He mainly explores colors and chromatic vibrations. His work with acrylic reveals an impressive geometric precision and well defined spaces. Besides his canvas works, he experiments with glass sheets, exploring the abstract with mixed materials and techniques. Gustavo is also a creative partner in the fashion project Reptilia, for which he creates manual stamping techniques using natural paints and materials.