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Giulio Zanet

1984 Colleretto Castelnuovo, TO, Italy

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Giulio Zanet lives and works in Milan. "I work with painting - and pictorial substance - and create an abstraction process dealing with the registration of moments and reflections of everyday life and the way these could be represented. At the same time, I am aware it is impossible to represent these elements except through experience. My work focuses on images, on the representation of the world and ideas, which find through painting its own realization. Ambiguity and evidence, repetition, variation, rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal are all part of my work, they push the observer to wonder about their own meaning. I am not interested in showing a complete structure. I want to show little parts of stories without subjects, infinte verbs able to inspire intriguing metaphores.
 My work do not refer to recongnizable forms. The result is always a deconstruction of reality whose meaning is open to different and various interpretations. I believe this helps the relationship between audience and author, since it is impossible to objectify emotions and the eternal dualities ruling the world". The ambiguity and the evidence, repetition, variation, rules and omissions, the acceptance and rejection are elements that Zanet brings into play to bring the fuitore to question the meaning.

LA VITA E’ UN PASSATEMPO, curated by Adiacenze, Adiacenze, Bologna, IT
BEHIND THE SCENES, curated by Lea Ficca, Matteo Di Marco, Lorenzo Madaro, LM Gallery, Latina, IT
SHAPESTORMING (with Ester Grossi), Casa della Cultura Italo alvino, Calderara di Reno,curated by Adiacenze (BO) 
PITTURA1, RaffaeleCioffiStudio, curated by Giacomo Recalcati, Lissone
INTERFERENZE (with Isabella Nazzarri ), Galleria Monopoli, curated by Arianna Baldoni, Milano, IT
ZOMBI, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Milano, IT
ABNEGAZIONE, Crac Gallery, curated by Chiara Ronchini, Terni, IT
TUTTO IL TEMPO CHE SERVE ( with Andrea Bruschi ), Rehealsal Project, curated by Giacomo Recalcati, Milan
POST-TRADITION ( with Guido Bisagni ), Villa Casati Stampa di Soncino, Centro Culturale P.P.Pasolini, curated by di Sara Cusaro e Marco Roberto Marelli, Muggiò (MB)
EXTREME ABSTRACT,ArteSantander, curated by Irene Finiguerra, Santander
ANOTHER PAINTINGS, curated by M. Cereda, Circoloquadro, Milan, IT
STILL NOTHING, curated by I. Quaroni, ABC-ARTE Per Maryling, Milan, IT
UNTITLED || SENZA TITOLO, curated by G. Pasi, Untubo,Siena, IT
LA REINVENZIONE DEL VIOLONCELLO, curated by F. Pergreffi, SpazioMeme,Carpi (MO), IT
USE ME, L'oeil Homegallery, Lodi, IT
LOVELESS (bi-personale Con Michael Rotondi), curated by F.Pergreffi, SpazioMeme, Carpi (MO), IT
THINGS TO DO TODAY, curated by C. Ronchini, Quatrocentometriquadri, Ancona, IT   
GROWING IN LIGHTNESS (with Sabrina Casadei) curated by R. Farinotti and C.Lio, Kaleidoskop, Berlin, DE                  
SCUSE PER VIAGGIARE, curated by R. Farinotti, Quintaofficina, Milano, IT
WRITTEN ON THE HAYS (with Ester Grossi), curated by C. Canali, First Gallery, Roma, IT
HANGOVER, curated by Ivan Quaroni, Giamaartstudio, Vitulano (BV), IT

TUTTIFRUTTI, Stecca3.0, MIlano IT
GENERATION Y, Frankfurter Westedn Galerie, FranKfurt, DE
ARTVERONA#backtoitaly, Nicola Pedana ArteContemporanea, Verona, IT
ZONA,curated by Loris Di Falco, Spazio Bigli, Milano, IT
SELVATICO, curated by Massimiliano Fabbri, Palazzo Pezzi, Cotignola 
YOUNG & FOREVER YOUNG, curated by Davide Bramante, AnnaMarraContemporanea, Roma IT
UNA VISIONE OLTRE, curated by Tobia Donà and Stefano Cagol, Adria IT
CAPRIOLE, StudioLabo, StudiFestival#3, testo di Arianna Beretta, Milano IT
LIVE LEAVES, LdFstudio, Studiestival#3, testo di Andrej Mussa, Milano IT    
ARTEFIERA, Roberta Lietti Arte Contemporanea, Bologna IT
CUM GRANO SALIS, Galleria Cantiere, curated by ArtePicena, Ascoli Piceno
CONTEXTO, curated by M. Cereda E G. Frangi, Edolo (BS), IT
BRUMA, Magma/Modulofest - Centro Climatico Marino, curated by M. Samorè, Milano Marittima (RA), IT
SETUP Art Fair, curated by S.Burratti, Galleriazak, Bologna, IT
IMAGO MUNDI – Praestigium Italia, curated by . Beatrice, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, IT
NOVE || Davide Bramante + Nove, Riso-Museo D'arte Contemporanea Della Sicilia, Palermo, IT
VIENNA FOR ART SAKE!, curated by P. Noever, Belvedere, Vienna, AU
DOLLY, curated by M. Cereda, Circoloquadro, Milano, IT
STO*DISEGNANDO!!!, curated by M. Rotondi, Galleria V9, Varsavia, PL
RI-FORMA, Artverona Indipendents, curated by F. Pergreffi, Verona, IT
MULTIPOINT, curated by N. Sulikova, Galleria Spp, Bratislava, CZ
LAST YOUNG, curated by A., Villa Brivio, Rossella Farinotti E Lorenzo Respi, IT
STREETSCAPE, curated by I. Quaroni and C.Canali, Comon, Pinacoteca Civica, Como, IT
PULSART, curated by A. Zerbaro Pezzin, Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio (VI), IT
WE HAVE ARRIVED NOWHERE Transnational Pavillon Venice Biennale, curated
by F. Chiacchio, Z. Colah, S. Sharma, Venezia, IT
CRISES & RISES, curated by R. Farinotti, Istitut Francais-Palazzo Delle Stelline, Milano, IT
FRAGILE AGLI OCCHI, curated by A. Moitre, V. Invernizzi and I. Passaro, Galleria Moitre, Torino, IT
ON AIR_RADIO RAEE, curated by C. Carbone and R. Pagani, Gaia S.P.A, Asti, IT
THE SHAPE OF PAINTING TO COME, curated by I. Quaroni, Galleia Lem, Sassari, IT
GLI ELEFANTI NON SANNO SALTARE, curated by C. Lio, Galleria Delle Battaglie, Brescia, IT
SOLUZIONI PER L'USO, curated by A. Dell'erario, Betty&Books, Bologna, IT
A FRESH ART EXPLOSION, Arci Bellezza, Milano, IT
STORYBOARD, Bonellilab, Canneto Sull'oglio (Mantova), IT
SERIOUS MATTER, Galleria42, Modena, IT
CUORE DI CANE, curated by G. Perrone, Underdog Studio, Modena, IT
AAM ARTE ACCESSIBILE, Sede Del Gruppo 24 Ore, Milano, IT
PREMIO ITALIAN FACTORY, curated by C. Canali, First Gallery, Roma, IT
METROPOLITAN BABY, curated by C. Canali, A. Redaelli and E. Gravagnuolo, Galleria Previtali, Milano, IT
THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME, curated by F. Chiacchio, S. Errico, A. Bleuler, Milano, IT
TRATTI TANGENTI, curated b y A. Ghirardi, Giamaartstudio, Vitulano (Benevento), IT
DO NOT CROSS THE LINE, curated by L. Vona, Stazione Di Porta Nuova, Torino
IMAGINE, La Nuova Visione Della Generazione Anni ‘80, curated by C. Lio,
Giamaart Studio, Vitulano (Benevento), IT
(WroIU), Progetto Site-Specific Ioscatola, Spazio Estro, curated by F. Chiacchio, Bergamo, IT
Open#1, S.A.L.E, Ex Magazzini Del Sale, Venezia, IT
MASTER OF BRERA, curated by R. Bellini, Liu Hiusu Art Museum, Shangai, RPC
NEW ART NEW POP, curated by I. Zanti, Centro D’arte E Cultura Di Brolo,
Molgiano Veneto (TV), IT
ALIENS, curated by S. Curtacci, Spazio Novantanove, Venezia, IT
Multipoint Art Symposium, Nitra, Slovakia (2014), SK.
Haihatus, Joutsa, Finlandia (2013). FIN
Elepisodiopiloto, Santiago De Compostela (2011). SP
Glogau-Air, Artist In Residence Program, Berlino (2011). DE

Premio Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milano  (2017)
Premio Lissone (finalist), Museo Lissone, curated by A. Zanchetta (2012)
Premio Paolo Parati (3°award), Imbersago (MI) (2012)
Premio Celeste (finalist), Museo Civico Archeologico, curated by G.Scardi, Bologna (2011)
Premio Italian Factory (2° award), First Gallery, curated by C. Canali, Roma (2010)
Premio Combat (finalist), Bottini Dell'olio, selected by C. Antolini, Livorno (2009)
Arte Laguna (3° award), Palazzo Scotti, Asso. Cult. Moca, curated by I.Zanti (2007)

Works by Giulio Zanet

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