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Fabio Valenti

1967 Italy

7 Works exhibited

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Fabio Valenti was born in Cantù (Como, Italy) in 1967. He began to paint regularly in 1988, preferring to work immediately on large canvases. After having finished his degree at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 1990, he began to work as a creative designer, which brought him to know, through his work, unusual fields from technological and mechanical points of view. His artistic and working activities were kept separate for a long period of time, until in 1997 when he decided to sign his works with the pseudonym “Fuelpump”, after having completed a particular painting in which his work experience united with his art, giving way to a new modular thinking of man with the surrounding environment. He went on to complete numerous trips in Europe and since 2002 has undertaken several working trips to Beijing, where after long stays, he feels a greater necessity to dedicate himself (almost) exclusively to art. This choice matured in the knowledge that the main road is the (particularly Italian) renaissance “thought-method” which sees the artist yield also to products of an artistic nature and a non-artistic nature (elevating them) and not vice versa (even watering the garden can be done artistically). On the basis of this approach, there is a design understood as both manual and mental ability (the capacity to mentally impose a study), to be considered as the foundation of this procedure-result. The first step allows the artist to interact between himself and the surrounding environment beginning the path towards what will be the opera of art.

1990 Dal Legno al Segno, Spazio Baj, Palazzo Dugnani, Milano – Italia

1991 Arte giovane, Galleria il Castello, Milano – Italia

1996 Venature, Treviglio, Bergamo – Italia

2003 Wonderful World, Folini Arte Contemporanea, Chiasso – Svizzera

2004 Il volume delle labbra, Luciano Ingapin, Milano – Italia

2010 Il disegno italiano, Galleria Accademia Contemporanea, Milano Interni d’artista, Galleria Accademia contemporanea, Milano Impreviste presenze, Alba d’Arte, Brescia

2011 Guardando a nord, Spazio Taccori, Milano Identificazione e Verità, Cortina Arte, Milano - Personale 5 per Masolino, Museo Branda Castiglioni, Castiglione Olona (Varese) 30 Künstler zeigen 90 Kleinformate, Kuhn Galerie & Partner, Berlin - Germany 54° Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Italia, Sala Nervi, Torino

2012 Paesaggi, oggetti e soggetti, Galleria Berga, Vicenza 5° Kunstauktion, Berlin - Germany Classici & Moderni, Galleria Lazzaro By Corsi, Milano 35 internationale Künstler zeigen 105 Kleinformate, Kuhn Galerie & Partner, Berlin - Germany “Noi, Animali Modulari”, Spazio Cesare da Sesto, Palazzo comunale, Sesto Calende (Varese) - Personale

2013 6° Kunstauktion, Berlin - Germany 9th Asian and African Modern Art Exhibition, Luo Qi International Art Gallery, 5 Chang Lian Culture, Sui Chang County, Zhejiang Province - China 40 internationale Künstler zeigen 120 Kleinformate, Kuhn Galerie & Partner, Berlin - Germany

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