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Edo Bertoglio

1951 Switzerland

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  • About the Artist

After graduating in direction and editing at the “Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français” (Paris 1975), he moved to London and to New York in 1976, where he lived for fourteen years. In 1981 he directed “Downtown 81”. The movie shows a typical day of the young artist Jean Michel Basquiat and gives a view of the active artistic community of New York. He worked as a photographer for many Americans, Japanese, French and Italian magazines, specialized in fashion, art and costume. He regularly collaborated with the “Andy Warhol’s Interview” magazine from 1978 to 1982. In 2005 he completed his second movie, “Face Addict” successfully presented at the 58° International Movie Festival of Locarno. It’s about the story of the artistic community of New York in the late seventies – early eighties, known as “Downtown Scene”, a journey into the discovery of New York 20 years later - through the protagonists of the musical and visual arts’ scene. He’s currently producing and directing TV and cinema’s documentaries, as well as photographic projects.

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