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Cesare Berlingeri was born in 1948 in Cittanova (RC). Now he lives and works in Taurianova (RC). He started painting at a very young age, in '68 he began a series of trips in Europe where he met other artists and the world of contemporary culture. In Rome, in the '70s, he works for the theatre and television as a set and costume designer. The theatrical activity allows him to experience, through the creation of the sets, large dynamic paintings and to create costumes as indicators of color in movement. Later, still in the theater, it defines the idea of bented canvas: while working on a scene he painted a starry night on a large backdrop; at the end of the show, taking it apart, he realized how, fold in the fold, this large painting becomes a bundle of about eighty centimeters. 

The folded paintings are presented to the public in '90, after meeting with T. Trini, in the solo exhibition "Opere recenti". The gallery Polena of Genoa dedicated him a solo exhibition "Travel". For the Fondazione Mudima he created a large wall installation "Piegare la notte" (1994) and in 1999 are presented small paintings on lead. Lead is for the artist: "a deaf material, a substance absorbing. A really quiet material." In Fondazione Mudima he presents large canvases marked with charcoal in which the surface "figured elements, almost human signs, shadows of presences, cycles who converse" with words of T. Trini, who takes care of an important monograph published by Skira in 2003. In 2001, the New Art Gallery of Padua hosts Dipinti Piegati. In 2005 the Calabria Region promoted two significant solo exhibitions. The first at the Castello Aragonese of Reggio Calabria with a rich retrospective "La pittura piegata". For the Sala della Torre he creates "Depositi di stelle", an installation consisting of large blue folds, stacked on a wooden platforms. The second major exhibition in Calabria is the anthology Cesare Berlingeri, Materia 1975 - 2005, curated by Philippe Daverio, at the Complesso Monumentale S. Giovanni, in Catanzaro. "I Corpi", this is the title of the solo exhibition that took place in 2006 to MUDIMAdrie of Anversa, they are air bodies covered with a smooth surface. In 2007 a traveling exhibition, made up of about 200 works, illustrating the path of the artist since the sixties at the MAC Museo de Goiania, MAM Museo de Arte Moderna de Salvador de Bahia and the MAM Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro . Between 2008 and 2012 his works were exhibited in numerous galleries and institutions including Italian University of Calabria, CAMS, Centro Arti Musica e Spettacolo, Cosenza; Galleria Ellebi, Cosenza; Studio Lattuada, Milan; to the 11th International Cairo Biennale and at Anniart 798 Factory, Beijing. In 2012 the Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo, the Fondazione Rotella e la Vecchiato Art Galleries organized an exhibition "Ice and shadows" in Catanzaro curated by M. Meneguzzo. Between 2013 and 2014 he participated in two prestigious group exhibitions. "Il libro: d'arte e d'artista" organized by the Italian Institute of Culture at Beit Ha'ir, Museum of Urban Culture of Tel Aviv-Giaffa and curated by C. Siniscalco. "Artisti nello spazio: da Lucio Fontana ad oggi" an history of Italian environmental Art curated by M. Meneguzzo, B. Di Marino and A. La Porta at San Giovanni in Catanzaro.