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Works by Boris Tellegen

Simeon II


15 x 77 x 15cm

Below III


90 x 120 x 7cm

Below I


90 x 120 x 7cm

Born in 1968 Lives and works in Amsterdam. Dutch artist, Boris Tellegen's installations or his wood and paper collages suggest a constructed universe where the intersection between the real and the conceptual is anchored in a geometrical style based on reversed perspectives. During the 1980s, Delta (his pseudonym in the streets) spent much of his time deconstructing and reforming the letters of his tag, working with the rigour forged during his time as an engineering student. His fractured lettering pointed towards a future governed by the dual notions of phoney chaos within controlled order. Boris Tellegen soon abandoned the streets, the setting for his first works, in favour of the enclosed universe of the exhibition space. Words became his surface and letters faded from view in favor of direction and material in works where light plays across the dimensions to offer new readings of his intricate reliefs.
Selected Solo Exhibition Pieces, BACKSLASH, Paris, 2017 Friendly takeover, curated in collaboration with Daniel Hofstede, MIMA Museum, Brussels, 2017 Rietveld meets Mondrian, Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort, 2017 ∇, Galerie Alice, Brussels, 2016 Current, BACKSLASH, Paris, 2015 Art Brussels, with Galerie ALICE, Brussels, 2014 Overburden, Gallery Common, Tokyo, Japan, 2013 Special project, Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, 2012 Surface, BACKSLASH, 2012 Stuck on the city, Prague City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012 Abundance, Galerie ALICE, Brussels, 2011 Kunstraum.ch, Basel, Switzerland, 2011 Subduction zones, Muziekgebouw ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, 2011 Exothermic, De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2010 Random Distress, Kleerup Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010 The New Dutch Master, Elms Lesters Gallery, London, 2008 VHDG, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 2007