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The creations by Andrea Terenziani (1965) are most of the time without sky, utopian, timeless towns. Inhabited by geometric shapes, discontinuous and irregular buildings, ice skyscrapers, silent attendees, memories, harmonies of the past, mirages. Landscapes where ideally the wind, the rain, the sun, incessantly agitate the walls of this buildings. Allusive and suggestive visions that bring to another dimension, unconscious and unpredictable. Carefully looking at the big canvases and looking at the bottom, beyond the molded surface. With emotions and feelings, we are pushed to the deepest and most intimate soul of these poetic cities.


2002 - Artisti in fiera (PR) - Bazzano (BO) - Galleria 0 (PR)

2003 - Artisti in fiera (PR) - Castello di Compiano (PR) - Museum (PR)

2004 - Arte (PR) - Arte Immagina (RE)

2005 - Galleria 2E Suzzara (MN) (Premio Suzzara 04) - Atelier Chioma (PR) - Arte Immagina (RE)

2006 - Art One 33 Galleria Jelmoni (Wadeson street Londra) - Arte Immagina (RE)

2007 - Arte Immagina (RE)

2008 - Galleria 911 (SP) - Galleria Emmediarte (CN) - Galleria Studio Kan (PR) - Arte Parma 08

2009 - Arte Cremona (Galleria Studio Kan) - Galleria Emmediarte (CN) - Arte Immagina (RE) (Galleria Mainart - Galleria Emmediarte)

2010 - Arte Cremona (Galleria Studio Kan)

2011 - Arte Cremona (Galleria Studio Kan) - Artisti in Fiera Parma (opera finalista premio critica) - Urban Style Galleria Zamenhof (MI) - Koiné Galleria Zamenhof (MI) - Coloraxion Forum Museum Montese (MO) - Up Down Town Galleria Zamenhof (MI)

2012 -Arte Parma (opera vincitrice premio Galleristi) -Personale presso Audiomedica Parma -Arte Padova (opera finalista premio critica)

2013 -Arte Genova (Galleria Arte Kaos) -Presonale Galleria Sartori Manotova -"Lezioni di Stile" a cura Prof. Carlo Franza (Arte Studio 26 Mi) -Abstracta "Arte dell'Istinto e dell'Intelletto"(Palazzo Ducale di Sabbioneta Mn)