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Sablonneuse brune & lames


30 x 25 x 25cm

490,00 €

Born in Brussels (Belgium) on June 29, 1968, Ariel Elizondo Lizarraga has been interested in plastic arts since childhood under the influence of his mother, a painter and it was naturally that he entered the Fine Arts in Saint-Gilles (Brussels). These Spanish Basque origins remind me of it: "Belgium," this flat country that is mine, with a sky so low that a duck got lost..." (Jacques Brel), ... "I, too, am getting lost... My desire to return to my origins, the village of my holidays with my grandparents. Things are no longer going well economically for us, my father's company (architect) is going bankrupt, maybe a call for a change..."

It was at this moment that Ariel and her family returned to live in Navarre and that her intimate and close relationship with natural stone and quarries began and gave her her first artistic inspirations. However, Ariel still does not practice his art full-time because he has to run the family business specializing in natural stone and quarries throughout Spain and travel around the world.

About two years ago, influenced by his peers sculptors from the Basque Country and Navarre Chillida, Oteiza, Basterretxea, Ibarrola, the artist Ariel woke up and his body and mind in osmosis began to sculpt steel and natural stone with the strength of his arms!

This Basque art, this ethnic, ancestral art, fascinates him. This primary art, this clash between matter and man, this contact between stone and iron propels the viewer towards a past world, the origin of the world. The strength of the stone and the sensitivity of the sinuous lines of the iron exalt us and lead us to the energy of the earth, water, air...

Ariel is a contemporary artist who relies on an ancestral artistic tradition to the delight of collectors who have already crossed his path. His energy and his desire to create always pushes him to go further! Two artistic lines stand out: refined and contemporary or traditional corten steel!