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Antonio Nunziante

1956 Napoli, Italy

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Nunziante was born in Naples in 1956. He experimented with oil painting at just eight years old. The compulsory schools followed the artistic maturity and the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1975 he began his career as a professional painter. He moved permanently to the province of Turin, specializes in restoration in Florence, attends Italian and European museums and falls in love with the masterpieces of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Initially his painting is divided between purely figurative moments expressed in still lifes, landscapes and nudes of woman to others more surreal, inspired by Boris' fantasy worlds and Dalì's visions. In some works the romantic - metaphysical component appears as in Bocklin and De Chirico. In 1983 Nunziante showed his works at the Artexpo in New York and Los Angeles.

He attended the studio of Riccardo Tommasi Ferroni and in 1985 he exhibited in Spello with Pietro Annigoni. The 80s are also the years of experimentation, as evidenced by some purely conceptual works signed with the pseudonym of Rascal Babaloo. He took part to three biennials of Bergamo. Tokyo hosted him with a solo show. Accompanied by critical acclaim and the esteem of the gallery owners, Nunziante proceeds with his pictorial research and finds in these years some 'Silent Nature' masterpiece with a Flemish flavor, witnessed in the first real monograph printed in 1994.

In the exhibition 'The Value of the Figure' of 1996 he attended two of the greatest works of the Italian artists of 90s: Bueno, Cascella, De Chirico, Guttuso, Modigliani, Morandi, Marino Marini, Severini and Sironi. In these years, romanticism, metaphysics and symbolism are the elements that characterize and shape the master's work. The 'Farmacie Italia', 'Le Stanze', the 'Objects' are born and 'the Island of the Dead' by Arnold Bocklin begins to make his appearance, which he will transform into the island of love as an arcadia and ideal place where take refuge mind and spirit. He exhibits again in Florence then Lugano and Venice twice.

Following the tragic events of September 11, Nunziante paints "The Apocalypse", in which the tragedy is opposed to the rebirth and Nunziante challenges crime news with color. Cobalt blue, cadmium red, chrome yellow, greens, purples and oranges, these are the new colors that Nunziante shows in the first decade of the 2000s give life to new visions where in some moments metaphysics yields the step to surrealism in works such as 'Beauty will save us' and 'Act of Strength'.

This is also the decade of great confirmations, successes and awards and a lot of exhibitions, like those in New York, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Miami and Prague. The period of the great anthologies in the museums of Turin and Rome, the records at Sotheby's and the Torre di Castruccio National Cultural Prize gold medal for Art. It is in the 2011 that consecrates him with the exhibition 'Nunziante dal Caravaggio' in Castel Sismondo, where Nunziante is inspired by and compares himself with 'The ecstasy of San Francesco d'Assisi' (Caravaggio, around 1594). We are fascinated by the path inside the castle between the works of Caravaggio, Gentileschi, Strozzi, Zurbaràn, Ribera, Van Dyck and Hals and then get to those of Nunziante. With Caravaggio, the master rediscovers the palette of bitumen, ocher and sienna. We also find the same palette in Fiesole's works in the exhibition 'Bocklin, de Chirico, Nunziante' which still sees him present with the history of art.

He shows also at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome and then in Genoa at Palazzo Ducale next to Van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet, Turner, Kandinsky, Wyeth and Homer. The works of the four major exhibitions of 2011 are considered among the highest in the master's career. During the exhibition "Works" of 2012 in Soho, the Italian Consul General in New York and the curator of the exhibition Luca Tommasi choose five great works for the consulate headquarters. Two other important successes mark 2013: the record prices at Sotheby's New York, with the oils "Project for a journey still possible" and "Atelier on the sea", sold respectively at $ 62,500 and $ 68,750.

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