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Anne-Christine Roda defines a highly original interpretation of the portrait:  in her work the painting is entirely subjugated to the portrayal of man’s fragility. 

Her paintings, in terms of the choice of pose for her models and the neutral treatment of their backgrounds are as rooted in tradition, as her subjects are sourced unequivocally from our contemporary era.  Her choice of subject speaks directly to our everyday lives.

Thanks to her training as a picture restorer, Anne Christine, with each meticulously applied layer of paint gradually reveals her sitters face in all its naked intimacy.  The features emerge with precision and realism.  The gentle hollow of a fine wrinkle, the texture of a strand of hair or even the moisture of a glistening eye: it’s in this quest for exactitude and fidelity to her subject that the individual is revealed in all its sensitivity.   The choice of a neutral expression is deliberate, in so doing, leaving the portrait open to the personal interpretation of each person who stands before it.