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Scandiano, Italy

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Andrea Bellei, aka ABVA, was born in Scandiano (RE). He approaches the world of art at around 14 years of age discovering the culture of Street Art, inspired by the American scene. He decides to experiment with different media, with media used in the world of spray-like Street Art. In 2012/2013 he moved to Honduras to attend a school year; it therefore approaches the Latin world with the various influences that may derive from the Mayan world, a culture still very present in Central America. In 2016 he had the opportunity to organize his own personal exhibition in a private space in Sassuolo and began collaborating with an Italian gallery and a Miami gallery (The Art Plug). Subsequently, he began to collaborate with the historic Zanini Arte gallery, with the aim of establishing solid foundations also in the panorama of Italian contemporary art. With his abstract themes he tries to recreate surreal landscapes, based on geometric shapes and strong colors, often saturated.

From street art to the art gallery, from public to private spaces, ABVA goes from graffiti on the facades of houses, abandoned factories to works on canvas. The graffiti of the past exalted, in the use of spray cans, the sense of writing (sentences, words, letters of the alphabet), as a reason for protest, with references to respect for the environment, for peace. Now the operational and cognitive strategies open up, as the murals inside the gallery indicate, to a pictorial nomadism that embraces figurative, abstract-geometric and informal elements that lead back to the existence of man, to the experience of things, with a strong and spacing I dig into reality at different levels, restoring meaning and depth to internal motifs, but also to social themes.

And that mural painting, which the artist calls "Self-portrait", welcomes, on the one hand, motifs related to the action of man who has broken ties with nature, while still weaving them with cement, with the artificiality of things and, on the other hand, checks the unfolding of possible individual and collective paths in a tight geometric structure. An extreme concentration of essentiality of an analytical, meticulous compositional network in which the artist seems to root his explorations of inner knowledge. A network of architectural rigor that returns, even with other subjects.

In the great work the young man develops, with a craftsmanship too, a language that integrates the past and the present: in the "technique", with the use of spray cans, as a peculiar means of traditional writing, but also of acrylic painting with a normal brush on the canvas and on the wall and in the "story", with decipherable writings and themes of singular form of reinvention that lead back to an extreme and explosive concentration of thoughts and imagination that a human figure imposes on himself in a restless state of recollection and reflection; to the time and value of the lived experience; to the meaning of culture, in the confluence of different knowledge, on which one can build one's dreams.
In 2019 he exhibits a solo exhibition entitled Not everything you see is real at the Zanini Arte gallery, creating a live performance during the vernissage.

Works by (ABVA) Andrea Bellei

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