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1926 - 2001
Ceuta, Spain

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He is one of the central figures of Spanish sculpture of the second half of the twentieth century and without his reference you can’t explain the contemporary Spanish art of the last third of the century. His work was represented in the main international exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale, which in its thirty-fourth and sixth editions (1968 and 1972) contributed to disseminate his work internationally, as well as the Biennials of Alexandria (1968) and Sao Paulo (1971) and the European Triennale of Sculpture in Paris (1978). In Spain he participated in all the sculpture exhibitions held since 1960 and in more than 250 individual and collective exhibitions. Several sculptures of Amador are located in the public spaces of some Spanish, European and American cities, and his works appear in the main national and 2 international museums (National Museum Art Centre of Arts Reina Sofía, Modern Art Museum of Barcelona, Fine Arts Museum of Asturias, Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao, Modern Art Museum of Sevilla, Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando Madrid, Middelhim Museum of Antwerp, Museum of Contemporary Art of Finland, etc.).