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Aliye Dorkip explores in her work on paper the mysteries of paired bodies, exposes wounds and ugly secrets, and bursts the joints of moving figures. On small or medium format paper, bodies on the run, strangled, stretched, pulled, chopped up, reduced to two stumps. The line is wild and then, suddenly, the graceful caress of the ink transfigures the initial rage. Each drawing is a scream, and yet this original scream is modulated: one perceives accents of tenderness, gentle inflections. The work is inhabited by ghostly figures that can be guessed in the whites, in the spots, in what is drawn and what is not. These ghosts are familiar to us like the actors of a dream that is already unravelling, like our reflection in the agitated water. Absinthe green and flesh pink dominate, and the bitterness of one rubs against the suspicious sweetness of the other.



Aliye Dorkip was born in 1984 in Ankara (Turkey).

She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.



2003 Graduated from artistic secondary school (Academie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles), mention “Excellent”

2005 Training course in silkscreening at ENSAV la Cambre high school, Brussels

2006 Graduated from ENSAV La Cambre, Sculpture

2010 Graduated from ENSAV La Cambre Master2, Drawing



2017 9 months residency at Cer Modern (Ankara, Turkey)




« I have something in my eye”, solo show, Galerie DYS (Brussels)

Group show, Pilevneli Gallery (Istanbul)


“Group show”, Galerie D’Ys (Brussels)

“taktiksel duruş”, Cer Modern (Ankara)


“Revisiter, groupe show”, Galerie D’Ys (Brussels)


“Discovery, group show“, Galerie D’Ys (Brussels)

“Art Bosphorus” / Galerie D’Ys (Brussels)


“Terminal beauty”, Naked State Galery (Brussels)

“P+(2)”, Atelier 340 MUSEUM (Brussels)

“The end of Education”, Recycl’art, (Brussels)

“pourquoi tu ris”, indekeuken (123 Brussels)


“Merdre” low TECH art, Pendu Gallery (Brooklyn/NY)