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For Alina(lalala), art is another way of seeing the world.
An essential way which expresses a sensitivity, an intelligence, a humor and which must always be a means of self-expression and joy: the universe of Alina(lalala) is in her image, funny and spicy.

Constantly questioning the world and laughing are an essential need for this artist who does not hesitate to question herself, to reinvent herself, to be in agreement with herself and with the direction she wishes to give to her artistic work. .

So, through various quotes and ironic questions, she invites us to engage in a discussion on modernity, on our society and our perception of it.

Poetry, quotes, but also music, myths, science and society, nourish the artist's mind and imagination.

Her underground style and her influences draw as much from her personal life as from different artistic currents such as figurative art, pop art or even abstraction, which she interprets freely in a modern context. His work also takes up the Japanese aesthetic codes "wabi-sabi" which highlight the beauty of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete things. Alina(lalala) likes to use the intrinsic creative potential of everything: nothing is smoother or flatter, everything is imperfect.

This use of support and medium, raw and direct - premeditated - makes it possible to make the intangible palpable, by expressing its vision of the world, without compromising its energy and its message: this is its real impact.

Her work is imbued with sarcasm and a desire to provoke, in order to capture attention, to provide emotion and bring the viewer to wonder, to think, or simply to make him smile.

Alina (lalala) works on several series which are as different as they are complementary and over the course of her reflections, duality recurs in her works: this paradoxical interdependence is necessary for her to understand our world, to the development of our consciousness, and the manifestation of our perceptions.

Trained as an actress and graphic designer in Geneva, Alina Schiau, aka: Alina(lalala), moved to Paris to devote herself to journalism and radio.

Following numerous experiences in different artistic circles, Alina develops a singular creativity, and decides to express it in her true passion: the visual arts. Her family history is at the center of her creative passion: born in Romania, she became a political refugee in Switzerland at the age of 4.

Growing up, she only dreamed of expressing herself freely through art and since 2018, she has devoted herself entirely to it.

Spotted fairly quickly, she exhibited during the summer of 2019, at the Artitude Gallery on the theme of the feminine ideal, and is at the same time represented by the Sonia Monti Gallery.

At the start of 2020, she was chosen by the Kazoart and Singulart galleries to be part of their selection of artists.

In November 2020, she was selected for the 2nd edition of Les Nouveaux Collectionneurs.

Alina (lalala) started 2021 collaborating with the Fauve Beer brand, for the creation of two designs.

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