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Alexandra Devaux

1980 France

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Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, France

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French artist born in 1980, Graduated from ENSAD Paris in 2008, Teacher at ENSAD between 2011 and 2014. Lives and works in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Vulnerability, strength, impermanence: Alexandra Devaux's work represents youth at its critical juncture, when innocence fades and the scars of life soon emerge.

As an artist painting masculinity, she disrupts the patriarchal habits of the pictorial tradition.

Her feminist approach, however, is never bitter, but always calming.

She also questions the notion of document embodied by photography, and the art-document dialectic. Here the painting, like the bodies represented, is given as its subject.

The artist portrays the inner fire carried by young men, providing a snapshot of an age when anything still seems possible. His models are representative of a generation straddling the frontier between sweet and sour, bubble gum and tobacco smoke, between innocence and games for adults. The boys stand side by side, staring into space. Their long, elegant fingers, clutched in the air or casually holding a cigarette, contrast with the gravity of their faces and postures.

Half-naked, sometimes prostrate, lying in the privacy of a living room or posted in the street, these characters tell voiceless stories about the world they inhabit, thus creating a sometimes Lynchean feeling of unsettling strangeness.

Devaux's approach is characterized by the feeling of depth it gives to his paintings. The haze, dark transitions, and heavy brushstrokes are a constant reminder that we are in a pictorial world.

A single shade, whether it's the indigo of a shirt or the purple of an underwear, often dominates the picture. Sometimes color is so important in becoming the subject itself, as on the shiny surfaces of resin works: like a camera lens momentarily blurred by a few drops of water, causing the temporary disappearance of the water. models.

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