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Alexander Chistov

Russian Federation

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Alexander Chistov

Southern California


20.32 x 15.24cm

1112,66 €

American Museum


20.32 x 40.64cm

4450,63 €

Alexander’s exposure to Eastern European culture and American culture, as a young boy, helped him broaden his horizon as an artist. The artist’s exposure to art form both continents helped define the route he would later take from muralist to fine art artist.

    Alexander Chistov was born in the Soviet Union and moved to the United States as a teenager, settling in Los Angeles California. He lived near Melrose Ave and Fairfax and was deeply influenced by the murals that ran across the alleys. Soon he picked up aerosol, as a medium, and started creating murals around the Los Angeles County. His murals prompted people to take notice of his talent and was commissioned to paint several murals for schools from the Los Angeles Unified School District. Creating huge murals helped Alexander learn new skills and techniques that would later help him transition into fine art.

     After creating beautiful murals around the city , Alexander wanted to expand his artistic ability and got interested in traditional art. He fully emerged himself into learning everything about oil painting and realism. The artist studied old masters such as; Diego Velázquez, Joaquín Sorolla, Ivan Shishkin, Anders Zorn, and  Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and many other masters. Alexander was able gather information about the techniques used by old masters and applied it to his paintings. The artist continues to learn daily about traditional art and hopes to polish his technique with each painting.

     Alexander’s objective is to create paintings that will beautifully capture his subject and prompt the senses of the viewer.